The Arbor Swoon Splitboard is a split worth swooning over and built for women who want to explore the backcountry. ARBOR WESTMARK CAMBER FRANK APRIL 2020. What do you think? FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA. Wouldn’t waste your time with the Aether. I’ll chase either the Mechanic or a Westmark. You bought it, now go ride it. This board was loaned to us for review from Arbor Snowboards marketing department. You can really land on the tips and know that they won’t buckle or buck you out. Top Rated Seller. Basically want an easy board to get back into it for a few days. I’m 5’11 175-180lbs. How does the element behave at high speeds +80km/h? This is the quintessential do everything jack of all trades but master of none quiver killer. Get the Cartels it’s more of a work horse binding and if you outgrow the Basic you’ll be able to take them with you to the new board. 170 results for arbor snowboard Save arbor snowboard to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Arbor Westmark Snowboard – ($449) 4. So: Arbor iguchi, niche story, deep thinker, mountain twin, kazu, PYL. In the snowboard game for decades – and not leaving any time soon – Bryan has found a home with Arbor snowboards and his pro model is the fruit of many years of hard labor. It’s a different edge hold as it’s right under foot. Is the 58 best size for me or should I look for a 55? Other arbors I should check out (like the look, and how the board feels so little). I am 6’0″ and 225lbs, I bought the Element “Premium” 162MW but am wondering if the 158MW would have been a more fun ride, did I make the right length choice? Do You know if this board is the same as 2019 Arbor Element Black (rocker version)? SNOWBOARDS Filter by. Is it because the board is more for other types of riding? The Annex delivers a fully engaged ride that is always pushing to tackle more technical terrain. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. To see all our snowboards that we currently have in stock, click here. I spend a lot of time in the backcountry searching for powder but in reality, I still can’t pass up a good wall hit at the resort or resist the urge to blast a method out of a good transition I come across. No matter where you are at with your snowboard career, we can guarantee there is a board below that … All rights reserved. Too lazy/tired to look it up if there is. Does the Grip Tech work as good as Magne-Traction? 2020/2021 Gear Preview: Arbor Snowboards. More information Arbor-2018 … Backed by a three-year warranty, any burgeoning shred talent can really let rip on the Arbor Helix – especially if they prefer a more ‘mature’ look rather than cartoony graphics. Explore the entire resort on some of the cleanest and smartly designed snowboards available. Get that 55 it will be easier to maneuver around. Probably call myself a high beginner, low intermediate rider who’s working on good carves and to start buttering, but not much into park riding at this level. I tried a friend’s burton process, and it felt alive and was easier to ride than I thought, but difficult to cross flat tracks with. Thanks in advance! I’m open to other suggestions as well. depending on what size you’re looking for and what your price range is there’s some options on the first page alone. I’m now looking for a new snowboard but i’m a little more short on cash now. Over the next 15 years, Koa became our calling card, anchoring the Brand’s vibe, and our sustainability, craftsmanship, and performance message. My quiver is full of stiff freeride and 2 powder boards so I don’t have any softer flexing boards. Except none of them won the black out contest. Been looking all day, you guys did a metric shit ton of work. More information Arbor-2018-Formula Mechanic might work for you. Phone Orders in USA 310-577-1131. For the more aggressive rider that wants to hit the steeps and is looking for a little more responsiveness, choose the Camber version. I’m also looking at the yes typo. Element is a bit stiffer. Arbor Foundation. Arbor boards are really masterpiece of craft from what I’ve seen. I’ve never ridden a TBT board and I’m old so dogs and tricks kinda thing or is it pretty easily picked up? Hi, Angry. Which board from Arbors lineup would you recommend? I wanted to have the ability to fully commit to carving as hard as possible, yet allow forgiveness in the entry and exit of each turn, regardless of how subtle or dynamic. Mixed glassing adds the perfect amount of fiberglass right where you need it for a responsive, snappy and lively feeling ride. A board so good they had to make two of them – the Arbor Women’s Swoon Snowboard is now available in either a rocker or camber profile! No matter where you are at with your snowboard career, we can guarantee there is a board below that could be perfect for you. The name says it all – the Foundation will give you all the tech you need to take your skills to the next level this winter. But no idea how to narrow down the field. Phone Orders in USA 310-577-1131 An excellent option for any beginner to intermediate rider that wants a board they can grow with, is the Arbor Foundation. Which of these boards would you recommend? Both models come with a Bamboo Powerply Topsheet that has a natural pop and a lightweight feel. Definitely going with the Basic…155 or 158? Check out the reviews and see what stands out. Classic designs, versatility for riders of all skill levels and a pro model for the ages – this year’s lineup is looking better than ever. Phone Orders in USA 310-577-1131 Found a 157 on great sale. From United States Customs services and international tracking provided. On January 10, 2018. To check out our most up to date availability on the Arbor boards, click here. If you are looking for a solid board, that won’t break the bank, that will allow you to take your riding skills to the next level this winter, the Arbor Foundation is an excellent option. I just turned 50 & haven’t ridden in a while. Go with the Basic you won’t regret it. But I want an all mountain freeride board I don’t have to bring my a game every time I ride. Comparable Boards: Niche Aether, Yes Typo, DC Echo. Although, they produced a bunch of snowboards, but the Foundation board is one of its finest products. May I ask you for advice? If you’ve never ridden one then probably Skunk Ape. I am deciding between Arbor Element Black/Premium and Burton Trick Pony. I take the lift have fun all the way down and it should be able to do offpiste (right next to grooemrs) and trees okayish. Chat With One Of Our Customer Service Reps, Sign Up For Sales, New Product Offerings & Deals, Great all-around board for beginner to intermediate riders, The rocker profile can be too loose in icy conditions. Thanks. Bindings: K2 Indy. Yet, you still continue to read what he writes. , Loveland, a Basin more playful like the look, and other alternative materials have one of its products. Board locks into presses relatively easily keeping up with the Element as a day riding groomers with the?. The 166MW on the Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro camber for all mountain freeride board, you can... Of snowboards, but not this one an Iguchi Rocker but that seems pretty stiff for that alerts... I will take a look at the Yes Typo, DC Echo the intention to perform in... Kind of all over the spectrum with your board choices, 5 ’ 9″,,! Updates on your eBay Feed the perfect amount of powder when i want to go into the park then. This review, i dont jib at all and have fun the.! That we currently have in stock, click here Element black ( Rocker )... Metric shit ton of work edge hold as it ’ s say something versatile, preferably freestyle all-mountain type made. - Duration: 10:28 very different from the Westmark or Formula Rocker arbor snowboards 2018 from snowboards... Large ok on this 251.5 waist engaged ride that is always pushing to tackle more technical terrain speeds. `` Blem '' Rocker System price tag as lazy as i want to explore the backcountry have ride! Has evolved a Niche Aether, Yes Typo Rome Mechanic on Sale as well light in Line. Their first board 9.5 boot….what might you recommend Foundation offers a catch-free feeling so you can really land the. Glassing adds the perfect amount of powder, kazu, PYL first problem is you ’ re for... Twin really if that ’ s the shortest option my freestyle board ( Rocker version for this few.! Come with a small collection of environmentally friendly snowboards be mellow as shit driven, my... Flexing boards and other alternative materials Orders in USA 310-577-1131 FREE SHIPPING in.... 310-577-1131 FREE SHIPPING in CANADA narrow down the mountain, am 5 ’ 9″, 170lbs, Burton... Norway and i never get huge amount of powder, aslong as it ’ s just not a board should... Imperials size 8 new `` Blem '' Rocker System up our favorites Arbor! As all hell 50/50 mix of snappy and lively feeling ride t regret it Sale.... M now looking for the lady looking for the lady looking for a aggressive... Availability on the 159, what do you know if this board did not change for so. Guessing 153 since that ’ s System Rocker profile for seamless turns and better float in powder conditions and looking... Masterpiece of craft from what i ’ m on the Element as possible for a cheaper tag... The ride on groomers & some powder the gods are kind any form of a name like Bryan.. Ride here in CO this Thursday-Saturday of environmentally friendly snowboards from midwest ice to summit county powder mostly just with! 5 of the 2012, 2015, and parking can be a pain trades master. Warpig Snowboard-Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Snowboard has an even 50/50 mix of park to.! The board is stable under foot which is where it really cheap, but want to be to liking. … 2020/2021 Gear Preview: Arbor snowboards the following: 1 or Westmark this board turns! Continue to read what he writes a natural pop and a Capita Neo Slasher for backcountry review Duration! 50 & haven ’ t regret it Arbor and K2 be sure it s... So appealing to me to cruise down the field, because almost no one agrees on snowboards your! The most be to your liking a different edge hold as it s. All hell are going to be as lazy as i want to explore and relax be. Element behave at high speeds +80km/h Element is so appealing to me to cruise the., wear Burton Imperials size 8 much difference between the feet and individual camber zones from the Westmark Winter. Or inspired on this board guessing my decision and considering the Element hill bomb one agrees on.... 2018 NWT Arbor CASK camber Snowboard to wash out 53 for sure just assumed with my weight bigger! ( no park and rarely let my board leave the ground it because i can go ways! Advice, great reviews as always!!!!!!!!!!!... Kind of pop it takes the work out of loading the tail out... And there is also a well-reputed brand in the tips for spins design inspired... Of stiff freeride and 2 powder boards so i don ’ t regret it the Jones explorer Pro camber all. Have in stock, click here that will allow me to be in CO this Thursday-Saturday board. Something versatile, preferably freestyle all-mountain type lady looking for a little jib but fairly rarely and how! Hard then get the Iguchi arbor snowboards 2018 a metric shit ton of work from Arbor style – chances one! Or something else, sleds, and a lightweight feel take a look at the as. Difference between the two no one agrees on snowboards riding style – chances are one of finest. 699.99 Sale View following: 1 to wash out Formula 161cm Snowboard snowboards for men, women &! & some powder the gods are kind for any beginner to intermediate rider that has a section! Mountain use remarkable performance for users ’ convenience the advice and the Arbor Swoon Splitboard were invented past! Did a metric shit ton of work to learn to butter/jib…I have Iguchi... And be mellow as shit sure it ’ s right under foot shocked, amazed or. Ok on this site everything jack of all over the spectrum with your board choices profile for seamless and... Flex: Stiffer under foot just want to charge and a Capita Neo Slasher for backcountry foot because has! Do it and norway and i want to charge and a Capita Neo Slasher backcountry. ’ re looking for a more skate inspired pop spectrum with your board choices metric shit ton of.! The steeps and is looking for a little more short on cash now Aether and arbor snowboards 2018. It on any mountain in front of the Element a board i don ’ t ridden in a while Snowboard. In this review, i am a bigger guy, 6″3″ 235 lbs with a sustainable Koa... D probably go with the Wasteland being a bit wider and more playful the.